Consultancy and Professional Development

Growth Pursuit Consulting offers consultancy and professional development sessions relevant to mental health and wellbeing.  Including workshops and seminars, expert speaker sessions and education into mental health in the workplace and corporate wellbeing.

Organisational consultancy relevant to mental health and wellbeing, strategic planning and consultancy on mental health projects are also offered.

HBDI®  or the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument is a self-report tool that identifies an individual’s preferred approach to emotional, analytical, structural and strategic thinking.  This may involve individual employee support, team building sessions and leadership development sessions.

HBDI® assessments are available for individuals, pairs and teams, Once you discover what your preferences are and what areas you tend to avoid or overlook, you can learn how to tap into and expand your thinking so you can optimise your approach to different situations, people and problems. This is the skill of Whole Brain® Thinking.

When used in the workplace, Whole Brain® Thinking gives individuals and teams the tools they need to understand their own wellness needs and leaders the frameworks they need to build a comprehensive wellness strategy.

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